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An Italian Shell LiveWIRE business has secured a partnership to promote tourism in the United Arab Emirates thanks to the support of Shell InventaGIOVANI, the LiveWIRE programme in Italy.

In 2014, Dr. Cristina Ciuffi founded PerfectPicture©, an app which enables users travelling in unknown places to find and capture photographs of places of interest, such as landmarks and historical sites. The business started with the support of Shell InventaGIOVANI in Basilicata, going on to secure a partnership with Canon in 2016.

In November 2017, Shell InventaGIOVANI organised for the PerfectPicture© team to present their business to a visiting delegation from the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development of Kuwait.

As a result of the meeting, PerfectPicture© secured a business partnership with the United Arab Emirates. Recognising the commercial potential of Cristina’s business, Mrs Maha Al Makhzomi, Training and Development Manager at the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development of Kuwait, initiated the partnership.

Maha commented, “My partnership with the PerfectPicture©  team has the aim of promoting the tourism of Kuwait and other Gulf regions, to international and local visitors, who would take advantage of the app to discover the beauty of our places.

“The added value that PerfectPicture© brings to a territory rich in history, monuments and enchanting scenery, is to increase touristic activities, giving tourists the chance to visit a different emerging cultural heritage.”


Perfect Picture Partnership
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