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Latest News / Shell Entreprendre awards funding to six outstanding Gabonese start ups

Celebration at end of inaugural enterprise development programme

Gabonese entrepreneur with Shell Gabon chairman

Shell Entreprendre, the Shell LiveWIRE programme in Gabon, has awarded start up funding to six outstanding new businesses to have benefited from its inaugural enterprise development programme.

The six enterprises, which shared in funding totalling XAF 116m (US $195.6k), received their awards at a special presentation ceremony at the Gabon Mining Logistics building in Libreville. The event was attended by Godson Njoku, President Directeur General and Country Chairman of Shell Gabon, and Etienne Dieudonne Ngoubou, Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, Gabonese Republic.

To reach this stage, each of the entrepreneurs had attended a ‘Bright Ideas’ enterprise awareness event and had then gone on to research and plan their business during an intensive ‘Become a Successful Owner Manager’ (BSOM) enterprise development programme, which enabled the budding entrepreneurs to develop the essential knowledge and skills required to start and run a successful, sustainable business. Running from September to November 2014, the BSOM programme covered key topics ranging from market research and business planning to financial and human resource management, culminating in the production of a viable business plan. The candidates also received tuition in business English to enhance their market opportunities.

Shell Entreprendre received over 300 applications from candidates wishing to participate in the inaugural programme and 100 were selected to take part in the first ‘Bright Ideas’ stage. The six start ups were selected for funding, from 78 business plans produced as a result of the BSOM programme, on the strength of the business model and for having significant potential for growth. The selection panel comprised representatives from various departments within Shell Gabon including: Contracting and Procurement; Finance; Social Performance; Communications; and, Health and Safety, as well as PNE Group.

The six businesses that received funding are:

Pemba Boussougou Marie-Noelline (26)
La Maison De L’Orthopédie
Received funding totalling XAF 31m (US $52.2k)

The difficulty in finding orthopedic products in Gabon inspired Marie-Noelline’s business idea. ‘The House of Orthopedics’ meets a gap in the market for orthopedic supplies, and initially the business will focus on the sale of orthopedic shoes and accessories. In the future, Marie-Noelline plans to open a rehabilitation centre and to supply a range of orthopedic appliances.

Ella Mve Yannick (26)
La Source
Received funding totalling XAF 20m (US $33.7k)

While in his second year at university, Yannick was inspired by the success of large food groups and decided to start his own agri-business specialising in pig farming. In the future, Yannick hopes to become a leading producer of pork meat products.

Ndoko Bitsimdou Pierre Manet (30)
Alpha Service
Received funding totalling XAF 25m (US $42.1k)

Turning a passion for photography and audio-visual media into a commercial success is the driving force behind Pierre’s business, ‘Alpha Service’. The company stands out from the competition by offering a digital archiving service based on the most innovative technologies.

Kombila Djikui Franck Norrin (23)
Repas’ Class
Received funding totalling XAF 18m (US $30.3k)

Enabling customers to order their favourite restaurant meals online and have them delivered to their door is the recipe for success for Franck’s business. Repas’ Class is meeting a gap in the market for high-end fast food for the discerning diner.

Mayombo Boulingui Alban (23)
IT Services
Received funding totalling XAF 10m (US $16.8k)

Providing ICT training for students and the general public in order to reduce the digital divide among sections of the population is the aim of Alban’s IT Services business. This will be achieved through a mixture of workshops and seminars in the workplace and within education establishments, as well as private tuition.

Moussavou Mapaga Gabin (27)
Received funding totalling XAF 12m (US $20.2k)

With a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Gabin aims to establish his agri-business, Proagrigab, to develop innovative products for the agricultural industry.

Each of the six businesses will continue to benefit from a range of post-start up support from Shell Entreprendre including mentoring, linkages to business incubation services and market access opportunities. The funding awarded to the six entrepreneurs will be made in staged payments based on the achievement of pre-agreed milestones between the entrepreneur, mentor and the Shell Entreprendre Programme Manager.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Godson Njoku of Shell described the event as, “A proud day for Shell Gabon!” He went on to congratulate the six entrepreneurs, saying, “You can be proud of what you achieved.” In his closing remarks, Godson Njoku said, “We have shown Shell’s commitment to supporting the Gabonese economy is strong and our 55 year partnership continues to grow.”

Commenting on her funding award, Marie-Noelline of La Maison De L’Orthopédie, said, “This unique training and financial support will change our lives for the better forever!”

The Programme Manager of Shell Entreprendre, Jerry-Gaultney Udjo said, “This is a great milestone achieved to provide sustainable livelihoods for young Gabonese.”

In addition to the Shell Gabon Country Chairman and the Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, the event was also attended by: the Minister of Labour; the President of the Chamber of Commerce; the CEOs of three major banks including BGFIBank Orabank and Apiex Bank; representatives of the main universities and higher education institutions; and, media organisations.


Shell Entreprendre awards funding to six outstanding Gabonese start ups
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