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Latest News / Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands announces its final four

Competing for a top prize of €10,000

Jurytag finalists chosen for the 2014 Shell LiveWIRE NL Award

The four young businesses that will compete for a top prize of €10,000 (US $12,500) in the national final of the Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands awards have been announced.

This year's four finalists were selected from an entry of 13 companies by an expert panel of judges who assessed the entrepreneurs on their innovation, business acumen and growth potential. The final four include: thought-controlled gaming that helps to treat patients with mental health disorders; an environmentally friendly solution to remove harmful algae in waterways; innovative water defences made from mud; and, an airport car-sharing scheme for travellers.

The top Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands Award is presented each year to the finalist who convinces the panel of judges that they are the most innovative and entrepreneurial. There is also a prize of €2,500 Euro (US $3,100) awarded to the business who tops a public vote.

The four finalist businesses are:

Jan Jonk
GainPlay Studio from Utrecht

People with psychotic disorders often find it difficult to relax, de-stress and focus their attention better. GainPlay provides an innovative solution to the treatment of patients by using a thought-controlled computer game called ‘Daydream’.

Yousef Yousef
LG Sound BV
from Zoetermeer

The presence of blue-green algae in waterways can have a serious environmental impact, including killing fish and producing an unpleasant odour. LG Sound has developed an environmentally-friendly solution to the problem. Their 'MPC-Buoy' is a solar-powered floating platform which monitors the quality of the water and transmits precise ultrasonic sound waves to eradicate the harmful algae.

Eldert Besseling and Hugo Ekkelenkamp
NETICS BV from Alblasserdam

With rising sea levels and rapid urbanisation in delta regions, the global need for the construction of water defences is increasing. However, building them is a very costly undertaking. NETICS has developed an innovative solution to the problem involving building dykes from mud, thereby reducing the cost of water defences by a factor of ten.

Niels de Greef
from Schiphol

Car parking charges at airports often costs between €70 and €100 Euro per week (US $87 - $125). ParkFlyRent has devised a solution to this source of expense and frustration for travellers through its innovative car-sharing concept, which is both good for the environment and for the wallets of those hiring cars.

The four finalists were selected by a panel of business experts at a special judging day at Shell’s offices in Rijswijk.

“We can look back on a special day which once again clearly showed how successful young entrepreneurs can be,” said Jeroen Bos, Director of Regional Services at the Chamber of Commerce, and one of the semi-final judges. “Entrepreneurship is essential for the competitiveness of the Netherlands. We support entrepreneurs with reliable information, useful tools, and workshops across the entire country. On a day such as this we can see the enormous growth potential of young innovative companies.”

Delighted by his success in reaching the final, Niels de Greef from ParkFlyRent said, “To have reached the final from amongst all of these strong candidates is a fantastic endorsement of my business.”

Yousef Yousef from LG Sound BV values the feedback he received from the judges, saying, “First we’ll celebrate and then I’ll read the judges’ report. I will certainly use their feedback to prepare for the national final in December.”

The panel of judges which selected the four finalists for this year’s national Shell LiveWIRE NL Award included: Louis van Garderen, chairman of the judges and MD of the accountancy firm Joinson&Spice; Jaco Fok, Innovation Practices Manager at Shell; Brechtje Riphagen of Innofuse – winner of the national Shell LiveWIRE NL Award in 2013; Eline Mertens, owner of Windchallenge Holland BV; and, Jeroen Bos, Director of Regional Services at the Chamber of Commerce.

Commenting on the quality of the four national finalists Celina Wang, Programme Manager of Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands said, “It’s great to see such strength and diversity in our finalists, with each of them coming from a different sector and adding tremendous value to society.

“GainPlay represents a great crossover between the gaming and care sector by providing an innovative solution with great social value.

“LG Sound provides a very impressive and sustainable solution to a serious environmental problem.

“NETICS has built on its solid engineering knowledge to devise a water defence solution with great market potential.

“And finally, devising a solution to something that was a source of personal irritation is the driving force behind ParkFlyRent which promises to revolutionise the car rental and parking market.”

The national final will be held on the 2nd of December and the public can vote online from today to choose their winner via


Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands announces its final four
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