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Latest News / Spotlight shines on Pakistan LiveWIREs during GEW 2016


Young entrepreneurs supported by Shell Tameer, the LiveWIRE programme in Pakistan, received a significant publicity boost from the programme during the recent Global Entrepreneurship Week, with features in prominent broadcast, digital and social media in Pakistan.

Three Shell Tameer award winners from 2014 took centre stage to share their inspirational start-up stories, including: paper recycling entrepreneur, Wajiha Tariq; a fearless champion of female education in Pakistan, Humaira Bachal; and the doctor, who’s innovative approach is increasing access to healthcare for disadvantaged women, Dr Sara Saeed.

Leading TV News Station, 92 News, featured the story of Wajiha Tariq, who transformed her passion for art into a commercial recycling venture with the launch of her business Kaghaz Kay Karnamay (Wonders of Handmade Paper), a paper making studio that aims to enhance social inclusion and economic sustainability by using locally sourced, recyclable materials.

During the interview, Wajiha speaks about using kitchen waste such as vegetables and fruit peels and seeds, as well as recycled paper.

Pakistan imports more than 70% of its paper pulp supply to meet the demands of its paper industry. Kaghaz Kay Karnamay (KKK) was set up as a papermaking facility to promote recycling of used paper, waste craft, fabric rags, agricultural residue and plant fibers to help with the sustainable development of Pakistan’s paper industry.

Shell Tameer supported Wajiha in various ways to develop her business, including help to develop the networks she required to enable her business to flourish. Shell Tameer also provided old newspapers as raw material for recycling, and connected her with Shell Tameer business clusters in waste picker communities to provide labour and a sustainable source of raw materials for recycling.

In July 2015, Wajiha was offered an opportunity to provide her products to Shell Pakistan’s media partners as part of Shell’s official PR activity. The synergy behind the idea was to engage Shell’s key stakeholders on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr by offering them elegant and recycled KKK products as Eid presents.

Commenting on the support she has received from Shell Tameer, Wajiha Tariq said, ““Kaghaz Kay Karnamay's journey with Shell Tameer enabled us to achieve the much needed environmental milestones we had envisioned as an ecofriendly start-up.

“Being engaged into Shell's supply chain for our handmade papers proved Shell's cause for working towards a healthier and greener world!”

Humaira Bachal, founder of Dream Foundation Trust (DFT), told her inspirational story of how she overcame adversity to educate girls in Pakistan to radio station, Samaa FM107.4.

Humaira decided to start her venture in 2001 after the tragic death of her cousin’s eight-month-old son. Unable to read the label instructions, her cousin had accidentally given her baby expired medicine, and this had caused the infant’s death. Determined that all women should be able to read, and undeterred by social pressures to leave females illiterate, Humaira started teaching the neighbourhood children to read in her home, at her own expense.

Today, DFT has grown into a Model Street School, 3 stories high, with 1,200 students, and has even attracted the support of pop idol, Madonna.

Shell Tameer enabled sustainability in her enterprise by helping Humaira to develop a Skill Development Centre around the school which provides revenue for an endowment which funds the school’s expenses.

Commenting on her Shell Tameer Award, Humaira said, “That was a big deal for us as we got a lot of media exposure within the country. Networking with prominent industry and media figures was like a dream come true for me!

“Shell Tameer is the perfect platform for young entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the areas of technology, energy and social innovation, and if they want to develop something new and help the economy of Pakistan.”

Major online news magazine, YOU, covered the innovative use of digital technology to connect marginalised women to high quality healthcare, often for the first time, pioneered by Dr Sara Saeed, co-founder of digital health provider, doctHERs. In addition to providing underprivileged women with access to medical treatment, doctHERs also helps to reintegrate female doctors into the workforce.

Commenting on the support provided by Shell Tameer, Sara said, “The Shell Tameer awards in 2014 provided us with our first seed funding, created noise for doctHERs and helped us create our first pitch and financial model.

“It gave us the confidence that doctHERs could be more than a prototype, and could scale into a company.”

Shell Tameer, through the Shell LiveWIRE International Let’s Go Trade awards, also enabled Sara to travel to the US to promote and market doctHERs internationally. This helped her to receive funding through various platforms including the UN and APPNA, that enabled Sara to take the company onto the next level.

Commenting on the publicity opportunities afforded by GEW, Behzad Khan, Social Investment Advisor, Shell Pakistan Limited, said, “Global Entrepreneurship Week is an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent and efforts of entrepreneurs who are using innovative techniques to bring quality solutions to the forefront. Shell Tameer is proud to support young outstanding entrepreneurs who are making Pakistan shine in the global arena.”

During GEW, five Shell Tameer alumni volunteered to be special guest speakers at the programme’s roadshow to inspire budding young entrepreneurs, including university students, to start their entrepreneurial journey with Shell Tameer. A social media campaign, involving Humaira Bachal, Sanwal Muneer and Sara Saeed also encouraged entrepreneurs to apply for the Shell Tameer Awards.


Spotlight shines on Pakistan LiveWIREs during GEW 2016
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