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Latest News / Shell Tameer rewards its young entrepreneurs

A special ceremony at Mohatta Palace in Karachi

Finalists at the Shell Tameer awards 2014

Shell Tameer, the LiveWIRE programme in Pakistan, has presented awards to four of its most outstanding businesses at a special ceremony at Mohatta Palace in Karachi.

Some 250 entrepreneurs entered Shell Tameer’s sixth biennial awards, and the 12 finalist businesses were selected on the viability of their business, their entrepreneurial acumen and having an innovative business model.

Four winners each received PKR 300,000 (US $2,970) to recognise the innovation and sustainability of their start ups.

The first award category, the Adamjee Insurance ‘Ingenuity’ award, recognising a business that has introduced truly innovative and ‘out of the box’ ideas which define a new way of working, went to Yasir Hasan of SMART SurgiSol from Islamabad. Providing surgical training, specialising in laparoscopic surgery, SMART SurgiSol has developed a virtual reality simulator to enable surgeons in Pakistan to perfect their keyhole surgery skills at a tenth of the cost of the often prohibitively expensive overseas training solutions.

The Express Tribune ‘Environment’ award, acknowledging a business that has developed clean energy solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and improve community health and self-sufficiency, was awarded to Sanwal Muneer of Capture Mobility from Islamabad. This green-trailblazer uses specially designed windmills by the side of motorways to harvest electricity from the air turbulence produced by passing vehicles. The company is currently in negotiations with the Punjab Government for a joint venture on the 334 km motorway that connects Islamabad with Lahore.

The EFU Life ‘Changing Lives’ award, rewarding a business that has helped change lives as well as creating a lasting and positive social impact, went to Humaira Bachal of Dream Foundation Trust (DFT), from Karachi. Ensuring children have unfettered access to quality education, DFT may, at first glance, appear to be working towards the same goals as some other NGOs. What makes DFT different is its holistic approach to achieving sustainability for the 1,200 pupil school it has established outside of Karachi. It is building a number of subsidiary initiatives around the school, to create a stable education supply chain, build community support for education and put this into practise at a number of social levels, thereby achieving what so many NGOs struggle to do; make a change in attitudes to sustain the addition of a community school.

The final award, the Tamer Microfinance Bank ‘Creating Opportunities’ award, recognising a business that has managed to perpetuate progress for themselves and those around them, as well as setting in motion multiple streams of prosperity, was awarded to Fatima Tendai of Tendai Lamps from Mirpur Khas, Sindh. This solar lamp distribution business is creating significant economic opportunities in rural areas by addressing a fundamental problem faced by millions of Pakistanis – little or no access to electricity. Beginning with a single lamp she received as a gift from Shell Tameer on completing her entrepreneurship training, Fatima has powered on to develop a network of solar lamp retailers in a number of villages. Tendai Lamps is expanding its product line to include solar lamps that also include mobile phone chargers. As a result of having the lamps, hundreds of artisans and workers have been able to extend their working hours, enhancing their earnings, and students are able to study in the evenings. Tendai Lamps is also benefitting many communities by providing a solution for load-shedding (planned rolling electricity blackouts due to the country’s inadequate power capacity).

Previously to starting her business, Fatima earned US $1 per day; today she estimates her sales will be US $7,350 over the next six months.

Speaking about the support he has received from Shell Tameer, Sanwal Muneer of Capture Mobility said, “I’m so grateful to all of you on behalf of my team, for giving me such fantastic exposure through the Shell Tameer programme. Also, the post awards training session at SMEDA was incredible in enabling us to address any concerns in moving the business forward.”

Humaira Bachal from Dream Foundation Trust was equally thankful for the support she had received, saying, “Winning this prestigious award is a fantastic endorsement for the business. Thanks for your support and kindness throughout the process, and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

At the event, Seemi Saad, External Affairs Manager of Shell Pakistan Limited said, “The Shell Tameer Awards are a fundamental part of our enterprise generation efforts in Pakistan, ensuring that young Pakistani talent has a platform that highlights their achievement for countless others, elevating them to role models to spark socio-economic progress and change. If we hope to stop the growth of unemployment and provide youth with meaningful career options, we must continue to create such opportunities for them to shine – and I congratulate our winners here today on their incredible achievements.”

The final judging panel comprised: Ms Nilofar Saeed, Owner of The Hobnob Group; Haroon Rashid, Country Editor, BBC Urdu; Yasin Siddik, Former Chairman, APTMA; Badar Khushnood, Country Consultant, Google Pakistan; and, Muhammad Uzair Ali, Project Director, Women Business Development Centre, SMEDA.

The event was attended by Mr. Omer Y. Sheikh, Country Chairman, Shell Pakistan Limited, and a highlight of the evening was a special recital from Pakistan’s prominent celebrity, Zia Mohyeddin.



Shell Tameer rewards its young entrepreneurs
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