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Latest News / Shell LiveWIRE seeks its top ten global innovators


Esther Wang Joytingle Esther Wang Joytingle

Shell LiveWIRE is running its Top Ten Innovators awards during 2017 to recognise and reward excellence in business innovation among start-ups supported by the programme.

Top Ten Innovators (TTI), which was first run in 2015, will reward the ten Shell LiveWIRE supported entrepreneurs, who have demonstrated outstanding innovation in developing their businesses, with a total prize fund of US $75k, comprising: One Global Winner’s Award of US $15k; three ‘Runner Up’ awards of US $10k; and, six ‘Merit’ awards of US $5k.

The programme is aimed at those who have been in business for between 12 months and five years, who can demonstrate the impact of their innovation in delivering a competitive advantage for the business, and delivering sustainability and opportunities for growth and job creation. TTI also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to show how their innovation is contributing to the energy transition, or to improving the sustainability of major supply chains.

TTI will showcase and celebrate excellence in innovation - the act of making changes in a business via the introduction of new products (or improvements of existing ones), services, methods or processes. These changes will make a significant positive difference, and that difference should be measurable in some way (e.g. an increase in jobs, turnover or customers; savings in time, cost or resource). Real innovation will lead to sustainability and growth.

Shell LiveWIRE Programme Managers can invite up to three businesses to apply online for TTI, with the window for entries open from 1 July to 11 August. The Top Ten winners will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Esther Wang of Joytingle was the inaugural Top Ten Innovators Global Award Winner, collecting US $15k for her interactive hospital toy, ‘Rabbit Ray’, which is used to reduce anxiety in young patients undergoing treatment for serious medical conditions. Since its launch in 2012, the product has been used with over 10,400 children in several hospitals throughout Singapore. The toy is also being used by institutions in Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Commenting on her success, Esther said, “Winning the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators Global Award is Joytingle’s first big break on the international stage. It gained the attention of relevant business partners and customers which otherwise would have taken much longer.”

The success of Joytingle was highlighted by Singapore’s Finance Minister during his 2016 budget speech in parliament, which was broadcast live. The minister commented that Esther understood that, “innovation is not just about technology or gizmos. But really about meeting human needs, making the world a better place, and how they can make an impact on the lives of others.”

Three businesses received runner up prizes of US $10,000 each:

IDEAS Indonesia, founded by Adi Reza and Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, produce a mushroom cultivation kit called Growbox. The product empowers people in urban areas to grow their own food and educates people about accessible, sustainable food sources. They are also looking to diversify the business, identifying the mushroom Mycelia as a low cost, sustainable, bio-degradable material when paired with agricultural waste.

LapPro Solutions was started by Syed Yasir Hassan to improve access to new, revolutionary surgery techniques in Pakistan. His medical innovation, LapBOX simulates laparoscopic surgery, providing a training resource for surgeons to learn and practice the technique at a fraction of the cost of comparable products. Started in 2014, the business has the potential to dramatically improve access to progressive surgical training and contribute to greater funding in other areas, as hospitals are able to reduce costs.

KwickScreen from the UK was founded by Michael Korn in 2010. Its KwickScreen Pro is a portable, retractable and printable room divider. Initially designed to serve the acute healthcare sector, the product is now also widely used in medical simulation, airports and the hospitality industry. Today, KwickScreen employs 20 full time staff, operates through an international network of distributors, and has developed a reputation as the world’s most versatile temporary screen.

The following six businesses received merit awards of US $5,000 each:

Amber Energy from the UK was started by Nick Proctor in 2010 to support businesses in the purchase and management of their energy, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and implementing the most cost-effective use of resources. Providing consultancy and energy management solutions, Amber Energy source suppliers, introduce initiatives to encourage energy conservation and implement renewable energy initiatives within their operations.

SK Motor Syndicate from Pakistan is a vehicle restoration, modification and repairs company with a used car retail arm. By placing an emphasis on technology, the business’ founder, Shakaib Uzzaman Khan provides a unique service within the regional market through reprogramming and building circuits. Since starting his business in 2011, Shakaib has become a figurehead for entrepreneurial achievement in the local area, speaking at universities and other high profile forums on his experiences, to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Caffé Letterario Artemisia from Italy is a non-profit cultural space and café run by Domenico Pizzichillo. Operating since 2013, the business provides art, craft, music and educational services including running events such as training courses, creative workshops and conferences. In addition, the space provides catering focused on healthy products with a low carbon footprint. Domenico has created a sustainable business model for cultivating cultural services within small, isolated towns and villages.

Kaghaz Kay Karnamay, which was founded by Wajiha Tariq in 2010, and is based in Pakistan, is a craft papermaking and recycling enterprise which repurposes waste to produce a diverse range of paper products. The low levels of capital investment needed to become a handmade paper producer has generated an increase in local entrepreneurship. Since July 2015, the company has been a supplier to Shell’s media partners in Pakistan, engaging Shell’s key stakeholders and contributing to its environmental commitments.

RI.INNOVA from Italy was founded in 2014 by Alessandra Angiulli. The business produces and installs wallboards fronted with stone cladding made from calcarenite stone, a traditional Mediterranean material, not in common use, but still highly desirable for its aesthetic and technical qualities. Alessandra invented a transformative process to produce a product that would match the versatility of competitors and retain the desirability of the original material, with the added environmental benefits of using reclaimed stone.

Unique Diamond LLC was founded in 2010 in Oman by Hadi Al Al Sarhani. The company provides a solution to challenges within the agricultural sector, including the increasing resistance of pests to traditional fumigation chemicals, and concerns over their effect on public health. The company is now Oman’s sole distributor of ECO2FUME, an eco-friendly pest control fumigant and has grown to employ 10 staff, with further plans to diversify into caravan renting.



Shell LiveWIRE seeks its top ten global innovators
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