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10 jaar LiveWIRE

From bold plunge to success – ten years of LiveWIRE in the Netherlands

“Innovative technostarters boost the Dutch economy”

Young innovative technostarters who have a brilliant idea and are keen to take the plunge. There are plenty of them in the Netherlands , but they often lack the knowledge and experience to turn that idea into a thriving business. This prompted Shell to set up LiveWIRE ten years ago. “Young entrepreneurs are often brimming with ideas but need help in making a business out of them. In view of their strong economic growth potential, LiveWIRE is keen to support them,” says Shell Nederland President Peter de Wit.

Successful enterprises

Over the past ten years, LiveWIRE – organised by Syntens in the Netherlands – has helped no fewer than 2,000 budding entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. These starters may need supportive know-how, legal advice, subsidies, or simply verbal guidance. “LiveWIRE puts you on the right track when setting up your own business,” is a common response when former participants are asked what LiveWIRE has meant for them.

There’s more to it than just starting up a business – many of these ventures have now grown into successful enterprises with workforces and even international customers. And the Netherlands can well use them, as Peter de Wit emphasises: “Shell regards innovation as a key factor for the health of the Dutch economy. For growing know‑how, for employment, for business and social prosperity and for the image of the Netherlands as an innovative and entrepreneurial country.”

Vital for the future

Patricia van Schie, LiveWIRE Project Leader in the Netherlands , sees a key role for LiveWIRE in the future as well: “These entrepreneurs have enriched the Netherlands with many new and improved products and services. From medical appliances to technology for improving business operations, and all kinds of products benefiting consumers and employees. It’s vital for the Netherlands to keep on innovating in this way in future. This is where LiveWIRE can help. And not just with the advice given by the advisers: the growing LiveWIRE network also offers young entrepreneurs many valuable contacts.”

10th Anniversary

LiveWIRE’s 10th anniversary has been celebrated with a useful networking programme in which many LiveWIRE entrepreneurs exchanged their know-how and experiences. Looking back on the fledgling years of their respective businesses and LiveWIRE’s role, the attendees agreed that LiveWIRE’s biggest plus points are the advisers’ sounding-board role, the fact that LiveWIRE is a well-known name, and the network. Because “without contacts you're nowhere” was the consensus.

To celebrate this jubilee, a book (Dutch title: “Van Lef naar Succes” – From bold plunge to success) has been published, containing interviews with young entrepreneurs and other stakeholders about the history and future of LiveWIRE.

About LiveWIRE

LiveWIRE is an international Shell project supporting technically innovative entrepreneurs. This is achieved by informing, inspiring and guiding young entrepreneurs, free of charge, in growing their innovative businesses. In the Netherlands the LiveWIRE programme is run by Syntens, the Innovation network for entrepreneurs. More information can be found on

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The book “Van Lef naar Succes” celebrating 10 years of LiveWIRE in the Netherlands is available below "view documents" or through Shell Media Relations. Photographs of the anniversary are available from


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