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Businesses set to launch

Shell InventaGIOVANI, the Shell LiveWIRE programme in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy, has presented certificates to 45 young entrepreneurs who have graduated from its enterprise training programme.

The young entrepreneurs received their certificates at a special ceremony which was attended by Marco Brun, Country Manager and CEO, Shell Italia Exploration & Production, Marcello Pittella, President of Basilicata, and Gabriella Megale of Confindustria Basilicata, along with a strong media contingent and other regional stakeholders.

In order to reach this stage, the young entrepreneurs had to successfully complete a ‘Bright Ideas’ (BI) enterprise awareness and business ideas generation workshop, before undertaking the programme’s ‘Become a Successful Owner Manager’ (BSOM) intensive business planning and development programme. As a result of this, each of the participants has benefited from enterprise training, business advice and networking to enable them to research and develop a viable business model.

As a direct result of the 2013 Shell InventaGIOVANI programme, two young businesses are set to launch imminently: Mimmo Pizzichillo and Rossella Potenza are starting up a literary café called Artemisia, and Angela Muscolino is set to launch her communication and graphic design agency SmallHUB.

Mimmo Pizzichillo and Rossella Potenza’s business Artemisia is a café with a difference, providing a wide range of cultural and artistic activities including concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions. It also offers educational opportunities and training in the field of art and culture, as well as providing delicious locally sourced food and beverages. Speaking about the impact Shell InventaGIOVANI has had on the founders and their business, Rossella Potenza said, “Shell InventaGIOVANI equipped us with the business tools and essential know-how to research and develop a viable business proposition. It’s also helped us to avoid making any big mistakes which would have affected the success of our company.

“The networking opportunities we received through the programme have also been invaluable in providing us with the contacts we needed to develop our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.”

Angela Muscolino from Potenza is launching her all-female business SmallHUB this month. The business will provide visual communication, graphic design and marketing services to a variety of clients in sectors including tourism, environment, and the public sector.

Speaking at the presentation Marco Brun, Country Manager and CEO, Shell Italia Exploration & Production said, “It gives me great pleasure to introduce Basilicata’s two new business start ups, which brings the total number of new businesses supported by the programme to seven. Nurtured and supported by Shell InventaGIOVANI, these young entrepreneurs have created a sustainable economic future for themselves and others in the region, with their sights set on the global market.

“I am pleased to launch the fifth edition of the programme and look forward to seeing many more young people in Basilicata turn their business dreams into reality.”

The fifth edition of Shell InventaGIOVANI will comprise six BI workshops and three BSOM training courses. In addition, there will be a series of three masterclasses covering finance and marketing, which will be delivered by experts within Shell, and team building, involving a leading team sports coach.

Commenting on the impact that the programme is having, Ivan Baggi, Shell InventaGIOVANI Programme Manager said, “Since its inception in 2010, Shell InventaGIOVANI has enabled Shell to improve its brand reputation and corporate image within the region.

“The programme has also enabled Shell to develop excellent relationships with key stakeholders, and to gain a thorough knowledge of the region and its social and economic needs. This is absolutely necessary for the success of the business in Basilicata both today, and in the future.

“Young people are engaging with the programme in growing numbers, and by combining enterprise and innovation with the strengths of the region, they are creating an economic future for themselves in Basilicata, as well as providing employment for others in the region.”

As mentioned by Marco Brun, the programme has led to the creation of seven new start ups covering a number of business sectors including: natural cosmetics; wedding planning; English language teaching; exporting of local food products; graphic design; a literary café; and, events management.

Underlining the high quality of these new start ups, one of them, English BUS, has already become a Shell supplier. A mobile English language tuition business founded by Valentina Falconieri, English BUS reaches out to people living in small isolated villages to provide them with the opportunity to learn English. Valentina believes that enabling restaurateurs, farmers, tour guides and artisans to improve their English will allow them to fully exploit the economic potential of the region by developing business opportunities for the international market. Valentina says that Shell InventaGIOVANI has been an invaluable source of encouragement and support in the development of her company, providing her with the essential business skills she relies on each day.

In addition to nurturing start ups, existing small businesses in the region are also approaching Shell InventaGIOVANI for help with a range of business development services ranging from assistance to improve strategic planning and marketing, to creating new products and accessing new markets.


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