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helpt innovatieve ondernemers verder

Four finalists

The four young businesses that will compete for a top prize of €10,000 Euro (US $13,700) in the national final of the Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands awards have been announced.

This year's four finalists were selected from an entry of 13 companies by an expert panel of judges who assessed the entrepreneurs on their innovation, business acumen and growth potential. The final four include two medical companies, the manufacturer of a bio-degradable tent and smart street lighting.

The top Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands Award is presented each year to the finalist who convinces the panel of judges that they are the most innovative and entrepreneurial. There is also a prize of €2,500 Euro (US $3,400) awarded to the business who tops a public vote.

The four finalist businesses are:

Simone Meeboer
Dovideq Medical
From Deveter

This innovative medical business is reducing waiting times and improving patient safety, thanks to a fresh look at exploratory surgery. The use of properly functioning equipment, giving the optimum view, is essential for a surgeon when carrying out exploratory surgery. In practice, exploratory operations are frequently delayed by defects in the optics of endoscopes. This is now a thing of the past with the fully-automated endoscope tester from Dovideq Medical.

Brechtje Riphagen
From Utrecht

Innofuse's new drip infusion system is improving the medical care of premature babies. Current methods of administering medication are based on the application of several medicines in parallel. As a result of this, deviations in dosage arise in practice. Innofuse has developed a disposable drip infusion, which makes administering medication to premature babies more accurate and safer. The result is a significant improvement in patient safety.

Devin Malone
Straw Dog
From Rotterdam

Straw Dog is making music festivals greener thanks to their bio-degradable single-use tent. At its conclusion, the average festival site resembles a battlefield, and the most noticeable problem is the large quantity of abandoned tents. Straw Dog's solution to this growing problem is the creation of a two-person, bio-degradable, single-use tent called the 'One Night's Tent'.

Chintan Shah
From Groningen

Tvilight provides metered intelligent street lighting using a presence detector system. Street lighting is crucial for public safety, yet for the most part the lighting is on when there is no one in the vicinity. Tvilight's solution to this waste of energy is the development of a wireless sensor, which operates the street lighting by means of presence detection. The result is an energy saving of up to 80%.

The final, which will take place on 17th December 2013 at Shell HQ in The Hague, is organised by Shell and Syntens Innovation Centre/Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by Mazars


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