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Welcome to Shell LiveWIRE International / Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands launches new app to help entrepreneurs grow

Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands has introduced a new app to help the programme’s innovative young entrepreneurs to achieve their growth potential. Called ‘NLGROEIT’, the app enables entrepreneurs to assess the current status of their business and to explore opportunities for growth.

Devised by the programme’s principal partner Syntens, which is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, NLGROEIT covers three phases of the business cycle, namely: the start up phase; the commercialisation phase (bringing the business to market); and, the growth phase. The app enables entrepreneurs to: quickly ascertain at what stage their business is at; to identify any barriers preventing their business from growing; and, to provide access to the essential information and expertise to develop a strategy for expansion.

In addition to providing an understanding of the growth potential of the business, the app also provides a series of challenges and tips to enable the person to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

At each stage of development, the app provides access to thousands of articles, tips, videos, learning tasks and information. A ‘Growth Scan’ feature, in the form of an interactive questionnaire, enables the entrepreneur to provide feedback on several areas of their business which are critical for growth, including: finance; marketing; and networks. Based on the entrepreneur’s answers, the app will provide a series of suggestions and tips to enable them to achieve growth more quickly.

Said Celina Wang, Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands Programme Manager, “The NLGROEIT app dovetails perfectly with the specialist one to one coaching which we provide to enable innovative young entrepreneurs to achieve their growth potential.”

The NLGROEIT app, which is currently only available in Dutch, can be downloaded to your iPad direct from the Apple store.



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