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The 'Build the Future' campaign

Shell forecourt attendant and customer sat in their car

Shell Tameer, the LiveWIRE programme in Pakistan, has launched a special enterprise campaign during Ramazan to support the development of 200 new businesses.

The ‘Build the Future’ campaign is a nationwide appeal for financial donations to create an enterprise development fund which will provide seed capital for students from SOS Technical Training Institute and The Hunar Foundation to start up their own businesses, with support from Shell Tameer. Both SOS and Hunar are credible, long-standing Shell partners providing vocational training for young Pakistanis. The total amount of funds raised during Ramazan will be matched by Shell Pakistan to kick-start up to 100 enterprises from each institution.

Shell Tameer will deliver customised enterprise development workshops to enable the students to transform their enterprising ideas into sustainable businesses, and the funds raised from the campaign will provide the start up capital required to launch the companies. It is envisaged that the 200 new start ups will create around 1,000 employment opportunities and will improve the livelihoods of over 6,000 people in the local community.

Shell Tameer expects that many of the business start ups from the automotive, electrical and mechanical sectors will become aligned with Shell’s value chain, and that some of them will have the potential to become Shell suppliers, Lube shop retailers and sub contractors.

The ‘Build the Future’ campaign is running in five major Pakistani cities namely, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar. The campaign’s wide-ranging promotional activities include: prominent promotional displays at 35 high volume Shell retail sites; donation appeals to key stakeholders including hauliers, retail site owners and lubricant distributors through Shell business leadership teams; display of promotional materials at Shell Tameer supported businesses’ retail outlets (including Khaadi, and Clayworks); and, online promotions on the websites and social media channels belonging to Shell Tameer’s partners.

Throughout the month of Ramazan, the campaign’s media partner, Express Group, will be providing valuable publicity opportunities in its newspaper titles by featuring successful Tameer supported businesses, illustrating the far reaching socio-economic impact of youth enterprise generation. Two of the Shell Tameer supported entrepreneurs taking part in the publicity campaign are Shakaib Khan and Salma Rahim.

Shakaib Khan set up an auto-repair workshop, SK Motor Syndicate in 2008. With Shell Tameer’s help, he developed a business plan and designed marketing strategies that transformed SK Motors into a ‘one stop shop’ for various auto solutions. He has now expanded the business to 14 outsourced firms, training and employing over 75 mechanics.

Salma Rahim, a talented embellisher from Dera Jatta, dreamt of escaping poverty and inspiring other women to do the same. With Shell Tameer’s support, she has set up a flourishing embroidery and clothing business, Zardozi Dera Jutta. Through her business, Salma trains and employs over 150 women from surrounding villages who are now financially independent and able to improve their lives, and the lives of their families.

Afshan Khan, Programme Manager, Shell Tameer said, “Shell Tameer has come a long way, and during its journey I have met some of the most incredible young people in the most unexpected environments!

“This Ramazan, we are so excited about our social investment campaign and our media partner has been publishing a series of inspirational Tameer beneficiary case studies, which have generated a considerable amount of positive feedback from our existing partners and potential stakeholders.

“We will be developing a new wave of young entrepreneurs with the funds collected, who will create new jobs and improve the livelihoods of many others.

“Our customised enterprise support will enable many of the 200 new start ups to align with Shell’s value chain, including new mechanic shops, and sub contractors in electrical and mechanical businesses, creating real benefits for the entrepreneur, their community and for Shell.”

Over the past decade, Shell Tameer has helped to create 3,000 businesses which have generated employment for 25,000 people across Pakistan.

For further information on the ‘Build the Future’ campaign, and to find out how you can contribute to its success, please visit:


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