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developing enterprise around the world

Access to available finance is a key enabler for a successful business-start, because guaranteed finance is a different proposition to available finance. 

The responsibility to produce an investor-ready plan rests with the entrepreneur, the responsibility to assess and identify available finance rests with the local Shell LiveWIRE programme.  

Some country programmes operate an annual Shell LiveWIRE Young Business Start Up Award.  The competition identifies young business start up role models and rewards those that have started a business successfully. The reward will include a cash prize. The Awards judging criteria are based on the young business person who has the most viable business idea and the necessary qualities and skills and ability to make that idea work.

Some country programmes take a different approach, for example, Shell Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank (SCB) have signed an agreement which will provide entrepreneurs graduating from the Shell Intilaaqah KSA programme with automatic eligibility for funding.

Shell LiveWIRE recognises technology can make a real difference to the performance and success of any business.  Access to technology varies but availability of fit-for-purpose, locally accessible technology can be a critical business success factor.  


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