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Welcome to Shell LiveWIRE International / 10 Young, Creative and Social Minded Entrepreneurs Recognised at LiveWIRE Indonesia Awards

Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards (BSA) 2012

The 2012 winners are Agus Mulyana the owner of Lo-Tech, Ali Topan (Spellbound Nursery), Bayu Sulistyo Subyantoro (Hicca Animation Studios), Chrisna Aditya (Coollab), Irawan Setya Wardhana (Agro Sejahtera Lestari), Meike Fitrianingtyas (Angkringan Jamur Petruk), Muhammad Ilham (Stereo Dessert), Oscar Kurniawan Manule (Tanoshii Creative Studio), Rinanda Halfi Muhamad (Blackburger Indonesia) and Yuli Anita (Emeno Nursing Wear.)

They were selected from a pool of 398 young contenders aged between 18-32, who have developed businesses located in Greater Jakarta area, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali.

The participants’ businesses are widely varied from culinary, fashion, and information technology-based to agriculture. However, the culinary industry still dominated, with many entries. Rinanda Halfi Muhamad the winner of a BSA 2012 award from Bandung, West Java, for instance, refines kluwek, Indonesian original black fruit for his burger’s bread dough labelled “Blackburger.” Another one is Muhammad Ilham, a winner from Bandung who offers a premium dessert, with his trifle-in-a-cup concept through “Stereo Desserts” label. His products have variation in taste and are distributed in several locations in Bandung.

More young entrepreneurs are also dabbling in information technology-based businesses as well. Agus Mulyana, for example, created his “Lo-Tech”, a robotic education device for elementary school to senior high school level, from scrap. Chrisna Aditya developed his “Coollab”, an interactive digital game which can be played on a multitouch tablet and mobile devices like smartphones. Bayu Sulistyo Subyantoro through his “Hicca Animation Studios”, created Uwa, Mica and Pito characters inspired from endangered Indonesian species.

"We are pleased to see that more and more Indonesian youth are honing their entrepreneurial skills, and I believe they hold great potential to to become strong entrepreneurs in the future.  With a little support and coaching, they will go far. The quality of submissions is encouraging and crucial as our young people will be Indonesia’s economic backbone in the future,” said Darwin Silalahi President Director and Country Chairman PT Shell Indonesia.

He added that the growth of young entrepreneurs is essential to build national economic resilience in facing the global free trade era in 2015. The contribution of micro-scale businesses in the rebuilding of Indonesia’s economy after crisis is apparent. With the Shell LiveWIRE programme, Shell is able to contribute towards the nation’s drive in sustaining economic stability, by promoting entrepreneurship and motivating young innovative people to reach their full potential.

Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards’ judging criteria emphasizes on several aspects such as : Entrepreneurship, Business Situation and Future Planning. For Entrepreneurship, the indicators include: business ideas, innovation, as well as personal purpose and motivation. Meanwhile, indicators for business acumen include: operational performance such as efficiency, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, technology and intellectual rights. Judges also evaluate their future planning through indicators such as long-term objectives, strategic planning and opportunity for business development.

The 10 winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2012 receive a prize money Rp.20 million each. In addition to that, winners will receive business coaching and mentoring support, business consultation and media publications to fuel their further growth.


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